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Sustainability is a no-way-back journey and it is present in our processes and choices.

Opened since June 2020, we are a Brazilian design brand, whose catalog includes furniture and accessories. Our products are exclusive and signed by a team of 14 designers curated by Clarissa Schneider, with the approval and affection from our partners. The +55 Design concept store was designed by Arthur Casas and is located at Alameda Gabriel Monteiro, in São Paulo. We have a network of partner stores that represent us in the main cities in Brazil.

+55 estampa 5 marrom.png

Our products have an accent, a culture and the look of every corner of Brazil. We work with important hubs in the furniture industry in São Paulo and in the Brazilian southern region, including artisans associations from the backwoods of the northeastern region and the backwoods of Minas Gerais (located in southeastern Brazil), in addition to indigenous and riverside communities located in the Amazon region. 

Ticiana Villas-Boas

founding partner

Journalist, television presenter and reporter for 15 years, Ticiana worked at SBT and Band televisions networks. Passionate about Brazilian popular art and design, she transformed her hobby into a pleasant work.

“I believe in people, I believe in Brazil. I like to listen to people’s stories and tell my own, I like to understand the reason of things, and here at + 55design each piece of furniture or object has plenty of meaning, stories and dreams.”

Tatiana Amorim

founding partner

Tatiana has been working as commercial director at companies in the furniture and design industry since 1998. She studied Decoration at the Bahia School of Arts and Decorating (Ebade) and Interior Design at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBa). Providing people with products that have meaning, origin and functionality is her goal.


"I am passionate about Brazilian design and +55 design is the fulfillment of a wonderful dream."


Clarissa Schneider​



Graduated in Advertising and Marketing and Fine Arts, she worked as a writer and creative director in national and international advertising agencies, and also as a designer in the extinct Camaleão studio, of which she was a charter member. For 14 years, she was editor-in-chief of Casa Vogue Brasil magazine. In 2011, she founded her own magazine, Bamboo, one of the most prestigious magazines on architecture, urbanism, design and art in Brazil. Besides being a consultant for national and international brands, Clarissa curates architecture and design and lends her eyes to contests such as Casa Cor São Paulo, Um sonho de banheiro Deca and Portobello, among others looking for a specialist in aesthetics. In 2005, she was awarded Journalist of the Year by the Brasil Design Award.

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