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Bruno de Carvalho

Merísio chess table

Chess and its mathematical logic are a direct reference for the materialization of this table. Collectible and in limited edition - only 20 pieces available -, it is designed from the board itself: the designer traced the existing lines, dividing, as in a mathematical equation, each square into four parts. This in turn gave rise to the design of friezes on the surface, bringing out the checkered mesh character. At the top, carved residues of natural stone taj majal quartzite and absolute black granite make up the play area.


Playing with one of the supporting feet appears as a way of, once again, making use of mathematics, giving the game a three-dimensional notion, externalizing it beyond the plane. As fractional cubes, these can be rotated, bringing a playful touch to the piece.


The pieces on the board feature a clean design, with a queen the size of the king, in an update to contemporary times.



Bruno de Carvalho

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miniatura tauari ebanizado.png

Ebonized Tauari wood


W 97.5 x D 97.5 x H 76 cm


_Solid wood and natural ebonized veneer and sculpted natural stone residues quartzite taj majal and absolute black granite

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