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Ricardo Bello Dias

UP table

UP is a table that has a strong identity, conveying solidity but not weight, thanks to the legs joined by a wooden beam that reminds us of the details of the past, fittings that show its artisanal character.

Versatile, it is available in different types of wood and stone, where the tops can take different shapes – from the classic rectangular and square, to the round and oval.

The change in shape and size is enough to make it suitable for different contexts: from the perfect dining table to the comfortable meeting table, where workspaces blend into everyday living spaces.



Studio Faro




stone or wood top

Ø 140 x H 75 cm

Ø 160 x H 75 cm

Ø 180 x H 75 cm

Ø 200 x H 75 cm


stone top

W 200 x D 122 x H 75 cm


White Capitol Marble; natural tauari wood, ebonized, dyed, pipe

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