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Studio MK27

Portuguesa com Certeza Table

When we renovated the office, we made a tiled table that was a success! In addition to providing an outdoor living space, it is always highly praised by everyone who comes to the Studio.

We wanted to make a special version of the table and, on a trip to Portugal, we came across the incredible epic murals of the São Bento Railway Station and also the traditional Viúva Lamego tile factory that has been operating since 1849.

That was how we put together handcrafted handcrafted pieces with our experience in making furniture with thin metallic structure and the limited series “Portuguese table for sure” for + 55design emerged.



Studio MK27



W 300 x D 115 x H 75 cm

W 355 x D 115 x H 75 cm


Carbon steel, Viúva Lamego tiles

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