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01 - Aparador Diamante.jpg

Bruno de Carvalho

Diamante Sideboard

With a surface of accentuated geometry through cutting, the Diamante sideboard promotes a game of full and empty, which in turn brings movement and depth. On the sides where the wood is absent, bronze details fill in the gaps, bringing points of light and reflection, just like a jewel. And, it is through artisanal marquetry work that the wood veneers are glued together, and positioned in such a way that the veins always point towards the top of each of the 'diamonds'.



Bruno de Carvalho

lamina sucupira.jpg

Sucupira Wood Blade

miniatura tauari natural.png

Natural Tauari Wood Blade


Ebonized Wood Blade


One Height

W 190 x D 44.5 x H 15 cm

W 310 x D 44.5 x H 15 cm

Two Heights

W 190 x D 44.5 x H 30 cm

W 310 x D 44.5 x H 30 cm


_Marquetry in natural tauari, sucupira and ebonized wood veneer

_bronze color details

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