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01 - Bar Sylvia 262cm.jpg

Bruno de Carvalho

Sylvia Bar

Like an architecture, the Sylvia bar is raised on stilts that start from the floor, cross the semi-transparent volume and go beyond the roof, supporting a cut slab. The wooden box is wrapped in a kind of skin woven in silk straw, allowing you to see through. At the top, the crown of the piece serves as a support for bottles. "Drawing is certainly a result of what I learned during my academic training, in a school strongly influenced by modernism. In Sylvia, I visualize the lines of a house that I would certainly design if I worked as an architect”, adds the designer. The bar unfolds into a collection also made up of a sideboard and home.



Bruno de Carvalho

lamina sucupira.jpg

Sucupira Wood Blade

miniatura tauari natural.png

Natural Tauari Wood Blade


Ebonized Wood Blade



suspended top and closed bottom in silk straw

W 105 x D 50 x H 90 cm

W 210 x D 50 x H 90 cm

W 262 x D 50 x H 90 cm


3 internal drawers and wooden closed bottom

W 210 x D 50 x H 80 cm

W 262 x D 50 x H 80 cm


1 wooden shelf and closed base

W 210 x D 50 x H 50 cm

W 262 x D 50 x H 50 cm


_Natural Tauari wood with silk straw with natural pine dyeing

_Sucupira wood with silk straw with natural chlorophyll dye

_Ebonized wood with black chemically dyed silk straw

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