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Most of our woods come from management forests and they have been certificated by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC Certification). Our fabrics are natural and organic or made of recycled elements.

We do not use plastics in our products or processes, having them replaced by bioplastic – a biodegradable product absorbed by nature in up to a year and a half. Our leather comes from monitored farms outside the Amazon area.

Our eyes are attentive and guided towards Brazilian handicrafts

We are fascinated by natural materials and we have found craftsmen who love and express their passion and skills through their craft, ensuring that centuries of knowledge will be passed down to new generations.


Welcome: we are the +55 design, a brand-new and passionate-about-design brand! +55 because we are Brazilian and ready to connect with specialists who work with sensibility here and abroad.

We want to reflect the beauty of Brazilian design, offering products that hold emotion and meaning, making use of sophisticated manufacturing techniques, and creating solutions for the daily needs of the contemporary life.

We understand that our poetics must be in harmony with the environment and our products must be made to last. Our rich biodiversity and its huge potential allow us to create original and, above all, sustainable solutions and processes. And we know that sustainability is a journey we must start and that this is a path of no return. We can no longer put an object in this world without knowing where it came from and where it is going to.

Fields such as Arts, Architecture and Design are so inspiring to us and influence what we do in terms of the collection and the way our showroom is designed (and displayed).

 We will try to understand how +55 design will be perceived by our public and how we can continue to evolve, preserving the balance between our purpose and our commitment. We want to seek the peace of the senses.

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