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Arthur Casas

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ARTHUR CASAS_ 28761.png

"We do not appreciate the desperate search for authorial design, or 'author' architecture. The building belongs to the city and its citizens, and it should not be at the service of its author."

Brazilianness, so crucial to the identity of the + 55design brand, has also defined the store's architecture, signed by Arthur Casas and his team. Cobogós (a Brazilian 30’s design element) on the façade, earthy and green monochromatic tones, in addition to an exuberant vegetation composed of species of Brazilian flora, highlight its tropicality and our DNA.

ARTHUR CASAS_ 29345.png

The architect signs new furniture collections for the brand. Among the products, there is a Golf family of Brazilian teca outdoor furniture, cast aluminum and plastic; Max and Jet Set dining room chairs; Jet Set and Soft armchairs; dining table with Brazilian marble top and Tauari wood base; wooden sideboard and bookcase Côncavo, with molded stainless steel doors. The Pan Am Sofa will also be launched, with wrinkled leather. "These are pieces that need a lot of development and I am happy that they are 100% produced in Brazil", says Arthur.

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