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+55design at SP-Arte


Sustainability is a no-way-back journey and it is present in our processes and choices.

Opened since June 2020, we are a Brazilian design brand, whose catalog includes furniture and accessories. Our products are exclusive and signed by a team of 14 designers curated by Clarissa Schneider, with the approval and affection from our partners. The +55 Design concept store was designed by Arthur Casas and is located at Alameda Gabriel Monteiro, in São Paulo. We have a network of partner stores that represent us in the main cities in Brazil.

+55design leather also has the differential of minimizing waste, since the skin is cut before being submitted to any chemical process step. This allows the conventional leftover generated in the cut to be reused for the production of animal feed and collagen.


In addition, all our hides are tracked via satellites through the origin of the cattle, ensuring that the herd does not come from indigenous reserve, environmental protection or deforested areas.

Each product also has a code containing information such as the date and place of production of the leather used, for greater transparency of the process.

In terms of quality, our leather has no similar in the country.Resulting from careful stages of production between tanneries in Brazil and Italy, the product is worked in one of the largest and most technological factories in the world, located in Itumbiara, in the interior of Goiás, and also in the most recognized center of innovation and finishing in the sector. , in the Italian region of Veneto.

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Thus, the practice of developing our leather represents a new chapter in the manufacture of Brazilian furniture, raising its standards of quality and sustainability.We at +55design are committed to design as a tool for environmental protection.

Next, check out our furniture on display at SP-Arte, alongside the unpublished work Otono, made by Heloisa Crocco with leather leftovers from the furniture's production.

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